The Annual Conference

What It Is:

SCCUR’s cornerstone program is a one-day conference held each November on the campus of a college or university in the greater Los Angeles area. Its purpose is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of the best research, scholarship, and creative work of undergraduates in the region, and thus to encourage excellence in undergraduate achievement.

Who Participates:

SCCUR is broadly multi-disciplinary, including the sciences, humanities, social sciences, arts, and performing arts. SCCUR typically draws 500-800 participants, mainly undergraduates and their faculty mentors, administrators, and community college and high school students.

Presentation Formats:

Students present their work either in 15-minute formal panel presentations chaired by faculty members, in poster form, or in exhibition or performance. The conference seeks to replicate professional and scholarly meetings, and many undergraduate scholars participate in SCCUR as a "first conference" experience, going on to present their work at national professional meetings.

How to Apply:

Students apply to present their work at SCCUR by submitting a proposal in the form of a brief abstract to the conference organizers. Abstracts are reviewed by faculty from appropriate disciplines at participating institutions and accepted, rejected, or returned for revision and resubmission. Deadlines for abstract submission are usually in early October.

Fall 2016 Conference
Fall 2017 Conference
Fall 2018 Conference
Fall 2019 Conference